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50 strange buildings of the world (but are they LEED-certified?)

Kaid Benfield

Posted November 18, 2008 at 9:30PM

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My colleague Gaby Chaverria has pointed me, and now I point you, to "50 Strange Buildings of the World," brought to us by the folks at Village of Joy ("Amazing, Interesting, Wonderful, Weird, Odd and Funny things about our World").

Here are five of them, though to avoid going through permissions hassles the photos here are not necessarily the same as the ones on the website.  Just for fun:


by: aronski/Aron M., creative commons license

"Crooked House," Sopot, Poland, photo here by aronski/Aron M.


by YT/Lynne, creative commons license

Waldspiral, Darmstadt, Germany, photo here by YT/Lynne


by addicted eyes/haRee, creative commons license

Basket House, Licking County, Ohio, photo by addicted eyes/haRee


by melinnis, creative commons license

"Hole House," Houston, Texas, photo by melinnis


by Dom Dada/dominik, creative commons license

Erwin Wurm sculpture, "House Attack," at Museum Moderner Kunst, Vienna, photo by Dom Dada/dominik

See all 50 here.