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More on Charlotte's urban renaissance, stimulated by transit

Kaid Benfield

Posted January 9, 2009 at 7:03PM

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Back in October, I wrote about the who-would-have-predicted-it greening of Charlotte, for decades North Carolina's notorious bastion of sprawl.  But, as the articles I referenced then indicated, there's plenty of evidence. 

And now there is a great narrated slide show from our good friends and frequent partners at Reconnecting America, discussing how this is manifesting on the ground, along with a rich historical context.  RA's Jeff Wood explains directly and through interviews with locals how the city's trolley and light rail have helped the rebirth of uptown (what other cities call "downtown"), arists' studios, and residential neighborhoods. 

The Queen City is now a model for what to do and how.  Our blogging software isn't allowing me to embed or link this in the normal way, but the image below (courtesy Reconnecting America) is the opening slide and you can go here to enjoy the presentation:

(image courtesy of Reconnecting America)