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Your future bus stop could look like this

Kaid Benfield

Posted June 3, 2009 at 3:44PM

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  (developed by MIT's SENSEable City Lab)

Tim Halbur writes on Planetizen that "MIT's SENSEable City Lab is featuring a prototype of a futuristic bus stop, complete with real-time route mapping, e-ink surfaces, and estimates of your exposure to pollutants along the way."

From the MIT press release:

"At the touch of a finger users can indicate their desired destination; the system will then display the shortest bus route from where they are and the position of all relevant buses real‐time. The EyeStop will glow at different levels of intensity to signal the distance of an approaching bus. Riders and passers‐by can also post ads and community announcements to an electronic bulletin board placed on the bus stop, enhancing its functionality as a public space ‐ a place to gather and exchange community relevant information.

"In addition to displaying information, the bus stop also acts as an active environmental sensing node, powering itself through sunlight and collecting real time information about air quality and the urban environment . . ."

Go here for some great photos of quirky, interesting bus stops already in service around the globe.