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EPA's new, interactive green homes site

Kaid Benfield

Posted November 20, 2009 at 1:44PM

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    image from EPA's Green Homes website

The federal EPA has a new and very handy "what you can do" web site on green homes.  Click on a portion of the house and you'll be taken to a page with tips that pertain to that part of the house.  It could be even better if the jump pages had the sort of cool graphics that the home page does (some of them have images, but they are sort of random - there's an amateurish monotone photo of someone's toilet, for example; what were they thinking?).  But the site is still a neat thing to do, and it's quite informative.

Incidentally, NRDC also has a green building site with "what to do" tips and links, geared more to builders of commercial properties.  If that's you, check it out.

Thanks to Lucy Minogue Rowland for the EPA tip.