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How Thanksgiving is really about contaminated property, and other strange, recent product pitches

Kaid Benfield

Posted November 24, 2009 at 4:20PM

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  turkeys (by: Hay Paul, creative commons license) 

I have figured out that a lot of you are not working very hard, or at all, this week, so I am switching to entertainment mode.

One of the things about being a blogger is that it makes all sorts of people consider you a friend of sorts, flooding your email box with pitches to plug their product or service.  They always begin sort of breezy, like we've known each other for years, "Hi Kaid . . ." Some days, I actually get a dozen or so of these things.

Here are some favorites from just the last couple of weeks or so.  Really.  Enjoy:

  • Treat Yourself This Thanksgiving to Information on Contaminated Property Transactions
  • There Could Be a Rainforst [sic] In Your Shower: NEW product lauch [sic]
  • Are You Bleeping Me?
  • World's Greenest Mattress
  • Thanksgiving A Perfect Time To Honor Trees For The Products They Provide
  • Deamand [sic] for Smart Appliances Increases
  • Global Water Issues Rising for Investors and Influencers
  • Mambo Sprouts Research Forecasts 2010 Organic and Green Buying Trends
  • Vaska Introduces Its Botanical Herbagtergent In Energy Saving, Next Gen Packaging At Local Sam's Clubs
  • Gifts of Nature Themed Jewelry, Art, Even Greening!
  • Eliminating Pet Odors and Indoor Pollutants Naturally
  • "I just wanted to follow-up from an email I sent you last week about how an eco-friendly showerhead can save you money and help the environment at the same time."
  • Nanogel News
  • This was an A-MAZ'N Tree Hug
  • story idea: waterless carwash
  • Orthopedic Total Pain Relief Cream with Natural Ingredients
  • Buddy's Ultra Green Concrete Mix
  • MEDIA ALERT: Green Is: Announces Green Is: Digital

There you have it.  Have a great holiday.