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Hidden public spaces in San Francisco, London in 2050, Nebraska in a field, and other ‘strange maps’

Kaid Benfield

Posted February 3, 2010 at 1:31PM

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If you are a visual, spatial thinker, and I know many of you are, you’ll love the website/blog Strange Maps, which I just found via this helpful post on Planetizen by Ann Forsyth.  The blog collects all sorts of new ways of looking at the world, with commentary.  For example, did you know where to find “privately owned public spaces” in San Francisco?

  SF's privately owned public spaces (by: San Francisco Planning & Urban Research Association via Strange Maps) 

How about a Nebraska-shaped field in, of course, Nebraska:

  somewhere in Nebraska (image captured by Adam Kommel via Strange Maps) 

Or a cartographic imagination of London’s Piccadilly Line in 2050?

  London in 2050 (by: Nils Norman for London Transport via Strange Maps) 

There are many, many more on the site.  I believe Strange Maps is the work of Frank Jacobs, who has collected the images and explains each one on the site, and who has produced a book, also called Strange Maps.  Take a break from whatever seriousness you are engaged in and have some fun checking it out.