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Kids’ perspective on safe walkability

Kaid Benfield

Posted February 18, 2010 at 1:36PM

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  (photo via Photovoice, Safe Kids Worldwide)  

“I took this picture because of a broken sidewalk. You should feel safe so you won’t trip and fall and break a bone. I didn’t feel very safe. They should make new sidewalks to cover up the broken ones.” Brooke, age 9, Spartanburg, South Carolina

  (photo via Photovoice, Safe Kids Worldwide)    

“First, the sidewalk was like rising up and someone could slip. Next, it was trashed with garbage and tires. With gas prices rising, people are going to want to walk and they shouldn’t have to walk over this.” Kari, age 13, Detroit, Michigan

  (photo via Photovoice, Safe Kids Worldwide) 

“I chose this picture because it is safe for pedestrians. There is a sidewalk and stop signals, you should always walk on crosswalks. I felt safe walking in this environment.” Rachel, age 11, Tacoma, Washington

These photos and captions are from a larger collection called PHOTOVOICE: Children's Perspectives on Road Traffic Safety, hosted online by Safe Kids USA, a national organization (and an affiliate of Safe KIds Worldwide, an international network) dedicated to the prevention of accidental childhood injury.  You can read about their activities here

These kids know what they're talking about.  For those of us who advocate walkability, complete streets, and “fix it first” infrastructure repair, it’s hard to imagine more credible and persuasive lobbyists.