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Great archival photos of US cities

Kaid Benfield

Posted August 2, 2010 at 1:19PM

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These images, all from the National Archives and part of a series of 71 featured on the web site of the Denver Post, are really evocative.  In most cases, the photographer is unknown.  As always, move your cursor over the photos for the details:

  Richmond, VA, 1865 (by Matthew Brady, US National Archives)

  French Market, New Orleans, 1915 (National Archives)  New York City, 1935 (National Archives)

  Chicago, 1947 (US National Archives)

  soup line, Chicago, 1931 (US National Archives)  fish pier, Boston, ca. 1950 (US National Archives)

  San Francisco, 1906 (US National Archives)

  Albuquerque, 1912 (US National Archives)  locomotives, Chicago, 1940 (US National Archives)

  8th Ave trolley, New York City, 1904 (US National Archives)

The Denver Post site has larger-format images and more information on each, here.