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Bikes I have enjoyed photographing

Kaid Benfield

Posted November 12, 2010 at 1:00PM

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When I travel, I look for interesting photos of bicycles.  I love to ride, I love to travel, and I love to take photos, so it all sort of fits.  And, today, in a sort of Frivolous Friday, why-not sort of way, I'm going to share a few:

  Velib bikes near les Halles in Paris (c2010 FK Benfield)


  Dublin (c2010 FK Benfield)


  via Fillungo, Lucca (c2010 FK Benfield)


  Riquewihr (c2010 FK Benfield)


  Olympic museum, Lausanne (c2010 FK Benfield)


  Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris (c2010 FK Benfield)


  Berliner Dom (c2010 FK Benfield)


  hotel in Ballynahinch (c2010 FK Benfield)


  on tour in Fuisse (c2010 FK Benfield)


  Porto Elisa, Lucca (c2010 FK Benfield)


  on tour in Alsace (c2010 FK Benfield)

  somewhere in Alsace

  Av. d. Champs-Elysees, Paris (c2010 FK Benfield)


  Kaid's back yard (c2010 FK Benfield)

  Washington, DC

This week, my NRDC colleagues and I have been communing at a multi-day retreat in Pennsylvania.  So I needed something for today that didn't require a lot of research.  Hope you enjoyed.  Now get out and ride while the weather is still autumnal.

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