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Have yourself a merry TRANSIT Christmas

Kaid Benfield

Posted December 22, 2010 at 1:26PM

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It's that time of year:

Minneapolis (by: MJI Photos, creative commons license)

Minneapolis (photo by MJI Photos)

Cincinnati (by Metro Cincinnati, creative commons license))

Cincinnati (by Metro Cincinnati)

Chicago (by: John Kannenberg, creative commons license)

Chicago (by John Kannenberg)

Washington, DC (by: Darren and Brad, creative commons license)

Washington, DC (by Darren and Brad)

  Sydney, Australia (by: Audrey Low, creative commons license)     London, UK (by: benjamin b, creative commons license)

Sydney, Australia (by Audrey Low); London, UK (by benjamin b)

Caltrain platform, Redwood City, CA (by: Ed Bierman, creative commons license)

Redwood City, California (by Ed Bierman)

Chicago (by: polomex/Matt, creative commons license)

Chicago (by polomex/Matt)

New York City (by: Allan Beaufour, creative commons license)

New York City (by Allan Beaufour)

For more like these, see a similar post from last year.  It was so fun that I just had to do it again with different photos.  In all cases, I am immensely grateful to the photographers for licensing their work for noncommercial use.

Move your cursor over the images for details, licensing information and links to the originals.