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The case for restoration of communities and nature, presented with eloquence (video)

Kaid Benfield

Posted January 5, 2011 at 5:44PM

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Storm Cunningham rocks it in this video for TED, with insight, vision, and a healthy dose of highly entertaining humor.  His central point is that merely conserving what we have left isn’t enough; we must also restore what we have damaged.  He breaks it down into four messages:

  • Sustainable development is at least 200 years too late.
  • We-and future generations-can make our world healthier, wealthier and more beautiful . . . for a living.
  • The process of restoring our planet and revitalizing our communities is finally becoming a rigorous discipline, with the proper education and tools.
  • Restoring our world can help restore peace.

Cunningham is the founder of The Revitalization Institute and author of The Restoration Economy (2002) and reWealth (2008).  The video isn’t short at 20 minutes, but give it a sample and stay if you like what you see and hear.  I did.


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