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NRDC launches new environmental website for the New York City region

Kaid Benfield

Posted January 7, 2011 at 1:39PM

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Although NRDC is now an international organization, we were born in New York City four decades ago and have always had a special connection to urban issues in and around the region.  Today, our staff for New York comprises more than twenty lawyers, scientists, and policy experts who work on environmental issues in the region.  Our goals are to protect greater New York's environment, advance NRDC's top priorities through local action, and use our advocacy successes as models for sustainability in urban areas around the country and world.

All great stuff in and of itself, and now you can read all about it on a nicely designed, spiffy new website developed by my colleagues:

  NRDC's NYC home page 

The home page (above) takes you to more detailed information on our six major campaigns in the region, including climate change and energy, recycling and waste, drinking water and waterways, transportation and air quality, environmental justice and green jobs, and special places and open space.  In other words, we cover the full range of environmental issues, many of them at the heart of our broader sustainable communities campaign.  The home page will also include a feature story, links to blogs, stories of recent and past successes, and more.  Congratulations to our New York and communications teams for bringing this great new resource to the public.

There’s also a new Facebook page and Twitter feed for our New York work.  Check it all out.

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