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Community memorials to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (photo essay)

Kaid Benfield

Posted January 17, 2011 at 1:39PM

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Move your cursor over the images for photo details and credits:

  mural at MLK national historic site, Atlanta (by: TheRealEdwin, creative commons license)

  Atlanta, GA

  MLK Community Park, NYC (by: edenpictures, creative commons license)  MLK Promenade, San Diego (by: Christopher Fritz, creative commons license)

  New York City; San Diego, CA

  MLK Blvd, Baltimore (by: spike55151/Chris, creative commons license)

  Baltimore, MD

  MLK statue, Linn Park, Birmingham (by: Jimmy Emerson, creative commons license)  MLK Landmark Memorial, West Palm Beach (by: Wally Gobetz, creative commons license)

  Birmingham, AL; West Palm Beach, FL

  MLK Middle School, Richmond (by: John Murden, creative commons license)

  Richmond, VA

  MLK Memorial Library, Washington DC (c2011 FK Benfield)  MLK memorial in front of City Hall, Elizabeth, NJ (by: Wally Gobetz, creative commons license)

  Washington, DC; Elizabeth, NJ

  MLK memorial, Yerba Buena Park, San Francisco (by: stephenlienharrell, creative commons license)

  San Francisco, CA

  MLK memorial tree, Takoma Park neighborhood, Washington DC (by: takomabibelot, creative commons license)  MLK Blvd, Eugene OR (by: Erik R Bishoff, creative commons license)

  Washington, DC; Eugene, OR

  MLK memorial, Washington Park, Albany, NY (by: Judy Baxter, creative commons license)

  Albany, NY

  MLK Memorial Bridge, Roanoke VA (by: C Hanchey, creative commons license)  MLK Blvd, Cleveland (by: Doug Kerr, creative commons license)

  Roanoke, VA; Cleveland, OH

  MLK plaque, Tidal Basin, Washington DC (by: cliff1066, creative commons license)

  Washington, DC

I try not to repeat myself - at least not literally - on this blog.  I of course frequently revisit subjects, but only very rarely do I re-run an old post.  I haven't done that today, either, but I was seriously tempted, because something I ran here last October relates directly to Dr. King, whose life we celebrate today, and the civil rights movement of the 1960s.  It was about the restoration of an Alabama neighborhood:

"Along that historic march route in Montgomery is an obscure block called Caroline Street, for decades the site of barracks-style public housing projects that in recent years have been closed, boarded up, and beset by arson.  It’s a badly disinvested neighborhood in need of the kind of help that shows respect for its history while providing a better living environment for its residents . . ."

All I really did in that post was add some context and illustration to a terrific personal essay by Karja Hansen, who was involved in the neighborhood planning.  If the subject interests you, and I hope it does, today might be a good day to take another look, which you can do by going here.