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Striking images of the illuminated city

Kaid Benfield

Posted May 20, 2011 at 1:30PM

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All credit and thanks to Richard Florida for a Tweet tip to fifty striking city images by a range of very talented photographers.  Some samples:

  Shanghai (by: Aapo Haapanen, creative commons license)


  Boston (by: Emmanuel Huybrechts, creative commons license)


  Los Angeles (by: Neil Kremer, creative commons license)

  Los Angeles

  Bangkok (by: Mike Behnken, creative commons license)


These great photos, and 46 others, are part of "50 Beautiful Low-Light Cityscapes," a collection hosted on the curated photography web site Light Stalking,  It's impressive.  Other pages on the site are devoted to "36 Bright and Fun Shots of Lemons," "31 Gorgeous and Serene Photos of Japanese Temples," "47 Surprisingly Striking Photos of Wheat," and the like.  I'll be returning.

For another provocative and thematic collection of cityscapes, check out Chuck Wolfe's "Coloring the Urban Experience" on The Huffington Post.

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