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Re-calibrating green building certification in two cartoons

Kaid Benfield

Posted June 23, 2011 at 1:25PM

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By now, we all know that an otherwise "green" building in a relatively inaccessible location is just a pretender, given that it will generate far more in carbon emissions from transportation than the building's technology purports to save.  Conversely, even an ordinary building in a highly accessible, urban location is better for the environment than most anything that goes up in a greenfield.  It's best to have both, of course: great green technology in a great accessible location.

Alas, our current green building rating systems like LEED don't work that way, even if they are inching in that direction.  So my friend, the multi-talented architect and visual artist Dhiru Thadani, has a suggestion or two.  Enjoy:

               re-calibrating LEED (by and courtesy of Dhiru Thadani) 

  certification checklist (by and courtesy of Dhiru Thadani)

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