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Take a virtual bike ride around Winnipeg in this super-fun video!

Kaid Benfield

Posted October 11, 2012 at 1:40PM

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  cycling in Winnipeg (courtesy of Hazel Borys)

I don't know whether she used a helmet cam, handlebar cam or somehow juggled her own personal video-making machine while riding, but this is fun, especially when it looks like she isn't paying attention.  Yikes.  My friend Hazel Borys, who is managing director of the planning firm PlaceMakers, took some bike rides and walks around Winnipeg, where she lives, last month.  And the fun results are below.

I'm an avid cyclist myself, though to tell the truth I'm mostly just old and in the way now, at least compared to my faster and more ambitious days.  (I last wrote about my cycling experiences in a post about Climate Ride earlier this year.)  Experiencing the bumps (virtually) as Hazel navigates some dirt trails reminds me of my old riding buddy and former cat-3 road racer Butch, who had this to say about mountain biking:  "Might as well hurl myself down a flight of stairs and be done with it."

Fortunately Hazel, whom we never see in the video, stays upright.  Enjoy:


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