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13 photos and 11 simple thoughts for greener, healthier cities

Kaid Benfield

Posted July 8, 2013 at 2:51PM

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I would be holding back if I didn't concede that I am really excited about my new book.  The manuscript has been completed, the images selected; it's now in the editing stage. 

In People Habitat: 25 Ways to Think about Greener, Healthier Cities, I posit and discuss 25 ideas that I think are useful (or, in some cases, at least fun) to consider as we contemplate the wondrous permutations of human settlement.  I won't claim that they are THE most important 25 ideas, though I do believe some of them are very important.  Rather, they are ones that interest me and about which I have something to say; I hope they will interest you, too. 

The book is scheduled for publication in January 2014.  I last published an excerpt here.

People Habitat will have 121 photos and other visual images.  Today, I'm offering a preview of a baker's dozen, along with titles of the chapters where they will reside.  Together they will give you a brief (but, I hope, provocative) window into the book's contents.  Enjoy:

  New York City (c2013 FK Benfield)

From Prologue:  Cities of the imagination

  Barcelona (c2013 FK Benfield)

From Chapter 1:  It’s not really about cities

  Boston (c2013 FK Benfield)

From Chapter 4:  Revitalization can be powerful

  Bethesda, MD (c2013 FK Benfield)

From Chapter 6:  Cities need nature

  Providence (c2013 FK Benfield)

From Chapter 8:  Sustainability requires attention to legacy

  Avignon (c2013 FK Benfield)

From Chapter 12:  Design matters, but it can be messy

  New Orleans (c2013 FK Benfield)

From Chapter 13:  There must be a there

  Arles (c2013 FK Benfield)

Chapter 14:  Human habitat should nourish the mind, body and spirit

  San Diego (c2013 FK Benfield)

From Chapter 16:  Driving should be an option

  Washington, DC (c2013 FK Benfield)

From Chapter 17:  Getting to school shouldn’t be so hard

  Washington, DC (c2013 FK Benfield)

From Chapter 21:  Grow food, but not just anywhere

  Seattle (c2013 FK Benfield)

From Chapter 24:  Sustainability is where the heart is

  Mount Mitchell, NC (c2013 FK Benfield)

From Epilogue:  People habitat and the landscape

  c2013 FK Benfield (book cover design by Brenda Ruby)

All single photos are (c) F. Kaid Benfield, all rights reserved.  Book cover photos by Payton Chung and F. Kaid Benfield; cover design by Brenda Ruby.

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